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Hiphop Tamizha Songs Free Download songs

Hiphop Tamizha: Whole life and career in a short view-

It is tough for our readers to guess about the name if they are not familiar with Tamil music closely. The name actually indicate two amazing person of the Tamil music industry who are now considered as the valuable asset of the industry. The most amazing matter of this two is, they have left their everything when they decide to work with music even their family was not in the support of them but now they took themselves on the level in which hardly anyone can reach together. “Adhi” full name is “Adhithya Ramachandran Venkatapathy” was born on 20th of February on 1990 same time, “Jeeva R” was born 29th of June in 1991. “Adhi’s” family located in “Sathyamangalam” of the Erode district. Adhi family is from a middle-class level with no knowledge of music or cinema.

Personal Of Information –

Name : Hiphop Tamizha
Nick Name : Adhi
Occupations: Independent Musician, Rapper, Lyricist, Singer, Music Director, Director, Actor
Born : 20.02.1990
Age : 27
Social Media Profile : Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter.

“Adhi’s” first exposure to rap came when his neighbor showed him “Michael Jackson’s” song known as “Jam”. His interest over hip hop music started developing in the tenth grade. He uploaded rap songs to the Youtube and got positive responses from people expressing interest in his music, who also encouraged him to start rapping in Tamil. He is interested to rap in Tamil rather than English, on the other hand, to avoid looking like a “wannabe”. “Adhi” named his account on the video-sharing site YouTube “Hiphop Tamizha” and this is the name you can see till now, with a profile picture of the Tamil poet known as “Subramania Bharati”, very humorously to avoid being caught by his parents. “Adhi’s” father had initially opposed his choice to pursue music professionally. He wanted “Adhi” to look out for higher studies, but gave him a chance of a  year to do what he wanted, with the only constraint being that “Adhi” should not expect any help from him. After observing the fact, “Adhi” was “trying to do some good work, somehow amazingly he encouraged his son’s musical interests. “Adhi” then moved to Chennai to try the luck. Here are the names of their creation with the serial by which you are going to understand what they have done in their short time of career so far:

List Of Tamil Movies – (Hiphop Tamizha)

 Meesaya Murukku (2017) Kaththi Sandai (2016) Aambala (2014)
 Thani Oruvan (2015) Imaikkaa Nodigal (2017)Kavan (2017)
 Indru Netru Naalai (2015) Vanakkam Chennai (2013)
  Kathakali (2015)

Here are all the matter you can see in the top and you can easily predict that they both have to dedicate a long time to become perfect and by which we all come to know about them. We all know the fact that when we see someone working in the Indian music or movie industry then it must take a huge time to dedicate and practice to become perfect with the creativity. There is no other way anyone can survive in the industry unless he/she has the talent that time demands. So you never see upon a person by his performance or by the fame rather to appreciate the dedication they made to come in the place by which we all come to know about them. There are so many thing as like back up or close relative type of term some people use on the matter of so many superstar that they cannot even survive in the industry but they never think that, its all about the creative talent nothing else. Yes, it is true that people with family back up or with some back up got some advantage in all the way but that not means anything negative.

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